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Sheila Gashumba’s Leaked S*x Video Leaves Netizens Talking

Social media has been left in the dust after a video of renowned Ugandan media personality Sheila Gashumba eating things live on camera leaked.

The 4-minute video has been trending on different social media platforms.

The controversial radio personality has been involved in sex video leakage several times, ranging from photos to videos.

This time around, the video leaked is with her renowned musician boyfriend, Rickman.

Watch video here

In one of the videos, the two are seen having a shower together, with the other showing her beans spread widely, ready to be chopped with chopsticks.

Her good-looking boobs have not only left men talking, but others have been thinking of how they can get the opportunity to harvest some.

In one of the videos, Sheilah Gashumba and her lover Rickman Manrick put on a provocative performance, demonstrating how in love they are.

The television personality and the musician with dreadlocks, whom Sheila’s father Frank previously likened to LRA rebel leader Joseph Kony, couldn’t keep their hands apart.

Earlier this year, while launching Gash Luxe, a store with a content studio, a mini-champagne bar, and a shopping lounge on Clement Hill in Kampala, the couple appeared to be deep in love.

Sheila could be seen groping her man in one of the shocking recordings and images.

As cameramen raced to get a nice shot, she could be seen putting her tongue out, and Rick followed suit before they shared a wet kiss.

The two held a public exhibition just days after a voice note leaked to the public in which Sheila’s father, Gashumba, was heard making fun of Manrick. Gashumba was also present for the Gash Luxe debut. He took notice of how her boyfriend at the time had hair that reminded him of the rebel Joseph Kony and how all of her lovers were perpetually in debt.

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