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Kanye West calls Cardi B a “Plant” who replaced Nicki Minaj in 2018 footage that was leaked.

Leaked video from a 2018 documentary that was never broadcast featured a lot of comments by Kanye West concerning Cardi B.

over Sunday, two videos showing Ye talking over the phone about giving away music, industry plants, the Illuminati, and other topics from the documentary appeared online.

The Chicago superstar claims Cardi B is a “industry plant” who replaced Nicki Minaj in one video while reclining on a couch and reading a magazine while discussing how Corey Gamble is a CIA agent.

Ye declared, “Cardi B is an Illuminati plant. She does not compose her raps. She only exists to appear as ignorant as she can, after which she sings songs like “fuck them and get some money.” She has actually taken Nicki’s place.

It is conceivable for humans to alter, nevertheless. Hours after the video surfaced, Cardi uploaded an interview Ye gave to Jason Lee in 2022, during which he expressed his love for her and his unwavering confidence in her. Ye and Cardi collaborated on the 2022 track “Hot Shit” with Lil Durk soon after the Lee interview.

In a different released video, Kanye and Scooter Braun are discussing on the phone about leaving “this G.O.O.D. Music shit now.” The Donda rapper questioned why he handed Pusha T Daytona and Teyana Taylor KTSE, claimed he needed to dissolve his record company since he is “great,” and attacked Nas for being off-beat on “Cops Shot the Kid” from their joint album, NASIR.

“The fuck I’m doing giving Teyana ‘Wanna Love You’? What the hell am I doing handing Pusha that Daytona album? What am I doing, bro? asked Kanye. “That garbage was three of the Dark Fantasies I distributed. Nas raps all god damned odd on the song “Cops Shot the Kid,” and he doesn’t even want to make a video for it.