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Jamal Murray’s Girlfriend Sex Tape Leak

Jamal muray ending his romantic relationship with his former girlfriend Harper Hempel has perplexed NBA fans for a while now. Most of us are already aware of Murray. He is the star point guard for the Denver Nuggets and one of the franchises’ cornerstones alongside Nikola Jokic.

Although we know about his skills and abilities on the court, the same cannot be said about his personal and romantic life outside it. Some people might know that Jamal’s relationship with Harper seems to have come to an end. However, the reason why isn’t very clear. With that being said, let us take a look at what potentially happened to this couple and an explanation for their breakup.

Did Jamal Murray break up with Harper Hempel?

To those who do not know, Harper Hempel is a social media influencer and Ambassador Marketing Manager. She is also very passionate about photography and pursues it as a career. She met Murray back in 2015 when they both attended Kentucky University. There was clearly a chemistry between them and they soon began a relationship outside the public eye.

Unfortunately for them, things did not stay the same. In 2020, a hacker gained access to Jamal’s account and leaked s*x photos of him and his girlfriend. While Murray did soon regain access and delete the photos, the damage was already done. After all, it was very possible for one of his many followers to save the pictures in the window where they were released.

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