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Damning footage of Josh Giddey with minor Livv Cook | VIDEO

In the damning footage, the 21-year-old shooting guard can be seen with a girl who has been identified as Liv Cook, who is reportedly in her Sophomore year of high school, making her underage.

The photos were leaked by an unknown online source before being swiftly deleted. However, they were public long enough to be accessed by various other accounts and copies were made.

Videos and photos of a sexual nature
The incriminating footage in question is composed of two photos and two videos. One of the photos appears to be a snapchat screenshot in which Giddey can be seen with his top off standing behind Cook. “Just f**cked Josh Goodey,” was the caption. The second photo is another selfie of the two together in which only close-ups of their faces can be seen.

In the two videos, the pair are together first in what looks like a bar or club. “Just with my girl, about to head back to mine,” he says in the first clip.

In the other, Giddey records a video for Cook’s brother in a dark room from what assumingly is her phone:”What’s up man, this is Josh. I’m here with your beautiful sister. Good luck for your season… wishing you the best of luck. We’re gonna come up and see you. Take care of business,” he says.

Ful video here >> poghaurs.com/4/6301609